Welcome to CAS

CAS stands for Composing & Arranging Systems. On our homepage, you will find all of the important information concerning our top music software.

  • If you would like to rewrite single song sheets into the violin clef, or to write a piece using the guitar tabulature or Griffschrift (auf Englisch-''fingering''?), or even to compose whole scores, MIDI-Connections Score is capable of performing all these tasks.
  • With the lighter version, MIDI-Connections Light , you can adapt, rework or change MIDI files into a music score.
  • If you want to scan and save music sheets as a MIDI file, our Scan-Software will be of help to you.
  • Also, the learning of music theory has not been neglected. With MusiXcool
    multi-media visual and aural program, you can learn about the many varying facets of music.

May 14th 2017 : New Homepage

Our homepage has been newly revised. Under Support, we have added an FAQ column to answer any questions that may arise. In the "FAQ" questions and answers, there are also links to our video tutorials. These tutorials automatically jump to the answer of the question that was asked. Also, please note that the device list under Download/MIDI Equipment has been totally reworked and extended.

May 14th 2017: Update Score/Light/Free 6.1

A small update of MIDI-Connections Score/Light and Free was released. In the start window of the program you can find more information:

  • The piano grid receives a Velocity Compressor. With these functions, Velocity values can be edited in one go. Therefore MegaVoice tracks of MIDI files can be easily edited. (Only in the score version)
  • The order of the music sheets can be changed in a dialog.
  • In the harmonica tablature, half and whole notes are now represented as blank crosses...
  • ... and various bugs have been fixed.

May 9th 2016: Update Score/Light/Free 6.0.4

A small update of MIDI-Connections Score/Light and Free was released. In the start window of the program you can find more information:

  • new distance calculation of the score
  • In the Presentation-Options dialog, on the "Voices/Settings" page, there is now a "exchange" button. By this function the selected track from the list "Visible Tracks" will be exchanged with the selected Track from the list "All Tracks".
  • EMF export has now the possibilities "Export to a file" or "Export to the clipboard"
  • Double note head in polyphony can be selected by pressing the "two voices" button several times
  • the start window has now a "search" field

July 10th 2016: Video Tutorials

There are a number of video tutorials for MIDI-Connections Score/Light and Free. In the tutorials the possibilities of MIDI-Connections are shown step by step. Looking at the tutorials is the easiest and fastest way to make the most of the program. In order to obtain a good image quality of the tutorials that resolution should be set to at least 720p.

But unfortunately they are not yet translated.
MIDI-Connections Score/Light Tutorial 5

July 1st 2015

MIDI-Connections 6.0 was completed and is available now!
The Score and Light program of MIDI-Connections has been extensively reworked in the core. Many new display options, a harmonica generator or the Yamaha-style editing are just a few of the new features of version 6.0.

Your can find demos and the possibility to order under the corresponding headings.