MIDI-Connections Geräte (Devices)

All listed devices can be used in the Score / Light and Free version 5 or higher. The devices enable the control of all sounds on the appropriate keyboards and expanders.


Yamaha CVP55.dev
Yamaha DB-50XG.dev
Yamaha GM CVP55.dev
Yamaha GM PSR45.dev
Yamaha MM6.dev
Yamaha Motif.dev
Yamaha Motif Rack ES.dev
Yamaha Motif Rack ES II.dev
Yamaha Motif Rack ES III.dev
Yamaha Motif Rack ES IV.dev
Yamaha Motif Rack ES V.dev
Yamaha Motif XF.dev
Yamaha Motif XS.dev
Yamaha Mu90R.dev
Yamaha Tyros 1.dev
Yamaha Tyros 2.dev
Yamaha Tyros 3.dev
Yamaha Tyros 4.dev
Yamaha Tyros 5.dev
Yamaha GENOS.dev
Yamaha XG.dev
Yamaha XG-Set.dev
Yamaha XP-POPS1.dev

Yamaha PSR

Yamaha PSR-45.dev
Yamaha PSR-EW-400.dev
Yamaha PSR-453.dev
Yamaha PSR-640.dev
Yamaha PSR-1000.dev
Yamaha PSR-1100.dev
Yamaha PSR-1500.dev
Yamaha PSR-2000.dev
Yamaha PSR-2100.dev
Yamaha PSR-3000.dev
Yamaha PSR-4500.dev
Yamaha PSR-8000.dev
Yamaha PSR-9000.dev
Yamaha PSR-A-1000.dev
Yamaha PSR-A-2000.dev
Yamaha PSR-A-3000.dev
Yamaha PSR-S-500.dev
Yamaha PSR-S-550.dev
Yamaha PSR-S-650.dev
Yamaha PSR-S-670.dev
Yamaha PSR-S-700.dev
Yamaha PSR-S-710.dev
Yamaha PSR-S-750.dev
Yamaha PSR-S-770.dev
Yamaha PSR-S-775.dev
Yamaha PSR-S-900.dev
Yamaha PSR-S-910.dev
Yamaha PSR-S-950.dev
Yamaha PSR-S-970.dev
Yamaha PSR-S-975.dev


Technics KN6000.dev
Technics KN6500-2.dev
Technics KN6500.dev


Ketron Audya.dev
Ketron MidJay plus.dev
Ketron MidJay standard.dev
Ketron SD2.dev
Ketron SD3.dev
Ketron SD5.dev
Ketron SD8.dev
Ketron SD9.dev
Ketron SD9 Bank.dev
Ketron SD1000.dev
Ketron X1.dev
Ketron XD3.dev
Ketron XD9.dev


Rolang BK-3.dev
Rolang BK-5.dev
Roland BK-7m.dev
Roland BK-9.dev
Roland CM-32.dev
Roland D-50.dev
Roland E50.dev
Roland E60.dev
Roland E80.dev
Roland Fantom G.dev
Roland Fantom X.dev
Roland Fantom XR.dev
Roland G1000.dev
Roland G1000Instr.dev
Roland GS.dev
Roland INTEGRA 7.dev
Roland Juno Stage.dev
Roland JV2080B.dev
Roland JV2080GM.dev
Roland MT-32.dev
Roland SC55.dev
Roland SC88.dev
Roland SC88Pro.dev
Roland SD50.dev
Roland Sonic Cell.dev
Roland U220.dev
Roland VIMA JM-5.dev
Roland PMA5.dev
Rolang Juno Stage.dev


Korg M1.dev
Korg MicroX.dev
Korg MP10 PRO.dev
Korg MS50_60.dev
Korg O5R.dev
Korg Pa1X PRO.dev
Korg Pa2X PRO.dev
Korg Pa300.dev
Korg Pa3X Musikant.dev
Korg Pa4X.dev
Korg Pa4x Musikant.dev
Korg Pa50.dev
Korg Pa500.dev
Korg Pa500 Musikant.dev
Korg Pa600.dev
Korg Pa80-60.dev
Korg Pa800.dev
Korg Pa900.dev
Korg Pa1000.dev
Korg X50.dev


Limex G5.dev
Limex G4Plus.dev
Limex AlpinMaster128.dev
Limex AlpinMaster128 Exclusive200.dev
Limex AlpinMaster32 II.dev
Limex Style-Device.dev


Casio CT-640-1.dev
Casio CTK-6000.dev
Casio CTK-6200.dev
Casio CTK-6250.dev
Casio CWK-6500.dev
Casio WK-6600.dev
Casio CTK-7000.dev
Casio CTK-7200.dev
Casio CTK-7500.dev
Casio CTK-7600.dev


Medeli A1000.dev
Fame G2000.dev